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Review of 2015 Copa del Rey Final

The final match of 2015 Copa del Rey was a football match to determine the 2015 Copa del Rey winner according to situs judi online by Copa del Rey is primary Spain’s football cup. The match was between Barcelona against Atletico Bilbao at the Camp Nou, the home stadium of Barcelona. Barcelona defeated Atletico Bilbao with 3-1 win over and automatically achieved their 27th title record. As Barcelona won the trophy of 2014-2015 of La Liga, Athletico Bilbao then automatically become the representative for the 2015 Supercopa de Espana.
The Venue
Before heading the leg of semifinal, Barcelona requested the final to be held at the home stadium of their rival real Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. In the same time, the president of RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation) wanted the match to be held at San Mames stadium in Bilbao. The RFEF then confirmed that the match would be held at Camp Nou, Barcelona’s home stadium since Real Madrid refuse to allow their stadium became the venue for Copa del Rey final.
As you know, Barcelona has played for the Copa del Rey final for the 36th times. The record then only broken by Real Madrid with 39th times. On the other hand, Barcelona had won the football competition for the 26th time. Their recent appearance was when being defeated by Real Madrid with 2-1 goals in Valencia. In addition, their previous winning was in 2012, where they beat Atheltic Bilbao with 3-0 at Vicente Calderon Stadium located in Madrid. Their last final at their own home stadium was in 1963 when they were become the victory.
Athletic Bilbao had formerly played in about 35 finals, 23 winning, with Barcelona winning. Their recent final was in 2012 and their recent victory was in 1984, where they defeated Barcelona at Santiago Benabeu stadium in Madrid with 1-0 goal.
Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao played each other twice during the 2014-2015 of La Liga season. The first match was on September 13th 2014 at Camp Nou stadium with Barcelona 2-0 winning. Bilbao then won the match on February 15th with 5-2 won over Barcelona.
The final match was put in danger due to dispute over the television sharing revenue between Spanish clubs that was suspended started from May 16th. Nonetheless, two days before postponement, this action was considered illegitimate by the court, and then the season continued.
Route to the final
Athletic Bilbao
To go through the final, Aritz Aduriz made everything happen by scoring five goals. Athletic Bilbao as the team of La Liga defeated CD Alcoyano as a team from second division on September 24th 2014 at Estadio El Collao. In the last 16 clubs atletic Bilbao then faced Celta Vigo and beat over them with 4-2 win on January 6th 2015. Celta Vigo actually won the second leg with 2-0 goals, but Atheltic Bilbao highly developed on the way of goals rule. He quarter finals started on January 20th 2015 with no goals against Malaga FC at La Rosaleda Stadium. The semifinal match was against RCD Espanyol with 2-0 win over them with goals from Etxeita and Aduriz
Barcelona came into the football tournament against a Segunda Division B team, SD Huesca in the last 32. On December 3rd 2014, the firt leg was held with Barcelona won 4-0 goals from Andres Iniesta, Pedro, Rafinha and Ivan Rakitic. By reason of large advantage, Barcelona didn’t play the key players in the second leg. Surprisingly, Pedro scored hat-trick among goals from Sergi Roberto and Iniesta. Adriano then substituted Adama Traore and added goals in the second half. Barcelona hosted the semifinal on February 11th2015 and won over Villareal with 3-1 goals from Messi.

UEFA Euro 2008 Review

The UEFA European Football Championship of 2008 or commonly well-known for UEFA Euro 2008 or simply called Euro 2008, was football tournament contested by several European nations. The th tournament took place in Switzerland and Austria in which both countries hold the tournament for the first time. The tournament was from June 7th 2008 to June 29th 2008. The tournament was won by Spain after defeating Germany with 1-0 wins on the final leg. Spain was the first team to win the tournament undefeated.
Greece was the worst team to be involved in the tournament since they didn’t gain any points within the group fixtures. The participating nations were totaled 77 goals through 33 matches. Switzerland and Austria automatically qualified as the host and the remaining fourteen teams were determined throughout qualification matches, which started on August 2006. As the champion, Spain then had right to compete in the 2009 FIFA Confederation Cup that would be held in South Africa.
The process of bid
Switzerland and Austria jointly bid to host the 2008 of UEA Euro and faced major competitors like Scotland and Republic of Ireland, Greece and Turkey, Russia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and 4-way bids from Sweden/Denmark/Finland/Norway. Austria actually had previously bid for the 2004 of Euro with Hungary, but they finally lost to Portugal. Greece and Turkey, Austria and Switzerland, and Hungary were suggested before having the final vote. Since Greece and Turkey were discarded, Hungary and the couple of Austria and Switzerland fought to win.
Switzerland and Austria bid is the second successful joint bid in the Euro’s history, following the couple of the Netherlands and Belgium which hosts the UEFA Euro 2000. The following tournament then would be held in Ukraine and Poland, making it the third jointly hosted the Euro tournament.
The venues
The football tournament was played as totaled eight venues in two host nations, four in Switzerland and four in Austria. Each stadium has capacity more than 30,000 spectators. The largest stadium was in Vienna, Austria Ernst-Happel-Stadion which has 53,294 spectators capacity. That’s why the stadium then used to hold the final match. Switzerland played all the group stages at Saint Jakob Park stadium in Basel, which also hosted the tournament opening match as the final would be held in Vienna, Austria.
The Zurich stadium became the organizer’s problems in 2004. Initially, the Hardtum stadium was going to be renovated and would be used for the city’s venue, but some lawful challenges postponed the plan. It made a problem, since the agreement between UEFA and the organizers predetermined that four venues would be used in every one country. The problem then was solved as the organizer proposed to renovate Letzigrund stadium which hosted its first football tournament in 2007.
Match summary
The qualification of 2008 Euro was started in August 2006. The tournaments of qualification were contested by national teams from each UEFA countries members with the exclusion of Switzerland and Austria who had mechanically qualified for the tournament as the hosts.
The tournament draw was held on December 2nd 2007 and made the group C as the death group, with France, Italy, The Netherlands and Romania competition for the places of qualifying. On the contrary, Portugal and Germany had an easy draw, since they did not meet France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands until the final.

Review of Arsenal FC, Famous Football Club for Premier League

Arsenal is one of best football clubs in Premier League of English Premier League. British premier league is followed by 20 football teams in each season and this competition will run in 10 months. Actually not all football clubs will follow this competition. There are some football clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, and Aston Villa that usually play this competition. All of teams above usually made regular appearance in each season of Premier league.
From all football clubs that listed above, we can know detail of Arsenal. It is one of best football clubs that always play well and has some best and young football players. Arsenal also has lots of fans from some countries in the world. Arsenal is football club that established in 1886 in London. Until now, Arsenal got more than 10 division titles and league. This football club also got 11 FA cups. It is great achievement for Arsenal. Arsenal is well known as football club that has consistent performance. This football club also is consistent to get point in tournament. In 2003 and 2004 season of Premier League, this football club is success to complete 49 league games without losing the game. It means this football club always wins the game until lost to MU.
When we ask about hard competitor for Arsenal then Arsenal has MU as hardest competitor. MU also has great players and has great strategy to win the game. It is not an easy task to win from MU but today MU is not as good as several years ago. The performance of MU is weak today and it is because the change of coach of MU. There are some other reasons that will cause of bad performance of MU too. There are some new competitors that will become hard competitor for Arsenal such as Chelsea that always plays consistent too today. The other football clubs that have great performance too are Liverpool and also Manchester City. Manchester City is claimed as New shinning football club in Premier league because of great performance and great football players too. How about Arsenal in 2013-2014 Premier League season? Unfortunately, Arsenal should feel better after they are in fourth place after Chelsea, Liverpool and also Manchester City. It is tight competition too and Liverpool plays very well with some new and young players. Although some best players have been gone from Liverpool such as Gerrard and Suarez, new players can make Liverpool survive and gets better score too in the end of competition.
For all of you who are fans of Arsenal, you must know about Arsenal players such as Thomas Vermaelen, Aaron Ramsey, Santi Carzola, Jack, Metsut Ozil, Olivier Giroud and some other names. Arsenal also has best players such as Fabregas that has been moved to other club. We also know about Thierry Henry from France that also plays very well in this football club. Although Arsenal gets bad result in 2013-2014 season, Arsenal still has chance to repair their record in this season.

Learn More about History of Premier League

Football match still becomes best entertainment for all men. Men like to watch best match or football tournament. From all football tournaments, most of men like to follow Premier League. It is prestigious league too and for all of you who also fans of this league, you better know and understand the history of this tournament. Actually this league began in 1888. It was old league. For the first time, this league consists of competitions between all football clubs in England and also Wales. As it is said above, because it was began in 1888, it was considered as oldest competition among other football competitions in the world.
Now, Premier League becomes the highest football league in England and the beginning of this new league was in 1992. In 1995, we found more than 70 football clubs in this football league. The football clubs were divided into some divisions such as league one, league two and also championship. Top championship football club will have chance to play in bigger and prestigious competition such as European League or Champion League. William Mc Gregor was Aston Villa’s director that suggested creating league competition that will supply number of fixtures for football club membership. The league competition should be done in each season. This football league then was officially formed and got name at Royal Hotel in Manchester on April 17. There were some regulation for this competition too and all players should follow the regulation.
Today we can find some famous football clubs in Premier League such s Manchester united, Liverpool, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Everton, Chelsea and also Tottenham hotspur. This league was known as FA Premier League for several years before it was changed the name as Premier League only in 2007. It was famous as Premiership too. There are some interesting matches and football clubs that you can find too. You can search photos or some facts about Premier League when you search some websites in the internet. Arsenal won the last season Premier League 2013-2014. As we know Premier League has different stories in each season. Manchester United that was famous with strong power, best players and top score, should become low profile first because Manchester United still performs and shows bad performance so this football club never got high score and win the Premier League too. Arsenal becomes great football club that can survive with high score and this football club usually is in big three Premier League from year to year or season to season.
There are some other facts that you must know about Premier League. You can know why Arsenal can become winner in the last season of Premier League. From Premier league, we also know about transfer history. Cristiano Ronaldo has been selling in 209 to MU and the selling price is 80 Million Euro. It is not small amount but we also know that this player plays so well in Real Madrid and also in MU. You can see the next competition and you can guess who will become the next football club that wins the game.

Find Reason Why Germany Won Last World Cup

Although World Cup 2014 was over, the excitement of this prestigious competition hadn’t died. It was memorable moment of tournament and some experts tried to examine reasons why Germany won the trophy and no other countries. It was a great achievement for Germany because German had failed to win World Cup since more than ten years ago. German followed European championship in 2000 and went to become semifinalist in this tournament. So, what makes German can win the World Cup 2014?
Some experts discussed that German’s success can be caused by so many reasons. We should look back to the beginning of this century. German tried to rebuild their football hierarchy and system. German tried to use younger player so their players have big spirit and big power than older or senior football player. German focuses on youth development too. There are some new policies that manage immigrant players in Germany national player. All immigrant players must follow scientific method when they want to play with this national team. It is so important to give right preparation and also keep the performance of player in the field. This new system really gives influence to the development of football in German.
The next factor that also influences success of German to win world Cup is team discipline. We can compare with some other countries and we can give two thumbs for team discipline of Germany football players. How the journey of Germany to win World Cup 2014? Germany played hard in hardest group too from first round. German won over Portugal with 4-0 in the first round. The great success of German can be seen when German won against Brazil with 7-1. As it is said above, team discipline will give big influence. We can count that only 6 yellow cards that German got. German players never received red card too so it shown that German players known what they must do and what they must followed too. German players shown very well attitude to control their emotions during match. It is not an easy task because all players will have high emotion during the game. Player must stay disciplined too and focus on the game to create goal or at least well. German also always tried to see in detail. They call it as attention to detail. A little thing in the match can be used as gun to win the game or to lose the game too. So keep to pay attention the detail will give some advantages.
The new system to again all competitors is the other important factor that caused German won against Brazil. It was product of several years from the coach. Young player and good commitment to always win the game will make German won the tournament. It was prestigious tournament and German played very well with very well result too. For all of you who want to see how German crates goals and won World Cup, you can search in some websites. You can find some young players from German national football team too.

Interesting Facts to Know of World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014 was over but we still can feel the spirit of World Cup until now. World Cup is one of prestigious football competition that is followed by most of countries in the world who have already passed some tight qualifications too. There are 31 big countries that sent best football players to follow World Cup. There will be some interesting facts in each of World Cup. How about World Cup 2014? World Cup 2014 took place from June 12 to July 13 and it held in 12 cities in Brazil. It was not the first time for Brazil as host of World Cup. It is second time as host of World Cup. The last time being host of World Cup was in 1950. Brazil had high hope to win the tournament but German was the winner of World Cup 2014. There are some interesting facts that we can find in last World Cup.
First fact that we must know is that Brazil had some wonderful arenas with big capacity. Brazil had big arena that can accommodate thousands supporters from Brazil or from other countries. Half of stadiums that used for World Cup 2014 were new, and some other stadiums were refurbished for World Cup 2014. For building new stadiums, Brazil used more than 500 million dollars per arena or stadium. Then we can count how much money that needed to build all of stadiums in Brazil. Brazil used new stadiums as new investments too for their infrastructure.
Second fact, Brazil had star player that famous until today, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior. He was called as most exciting star player that play football beautifully. He used his skill to play and create goals. He has fun and loving character that made him as one of popular talents and star player in World Cup 2014. Neymar got influence from his father and his style of playing is also influenced by his father. Unfortunately, although he was considered as star player from Brazil, he participated in short time before final. The cause of his short participation is because Neymar got bone broken on his back. This pain caused him to sit out and he should not follow the tournament.
It made big influence to Brazil position. Neymar was considered as cause of loss against Germany too. When Neymar couldn’t play the tournament, it was greatest loss for Brazil. Brazil was in dangerous situation in end of the tournament and Brazil should give trophy for Germany because Germany won the tournament. Brazil got worst result because Brazil loss against Germany with result 7-1. How people reacted to World Cup game in Brazil? People enjoy watching the tournament. Millions people watch World Cup 2014 directly in Brazil or they watch in their home. People follow all things in World Cup 2014 from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and some other media. People wrote their comments in some media too to participate in this big and prestigious tournament. We still can find best moments in World Cup 2014 in some sources or internet.

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