Saturday, July 4, 2015

Find Reason Why Germany Won Last World Cup

Although World Cup 2014 was over, the excitement of this prestigious competition hadn’t died. It was memorable moment of tournament and some experts tried to examine reasons why Germany won the trophy and no other countries. It was a great achievement for Germany because German had failed to win World Cup since more than ten years ago. German followed European championship in 2000 and went to become semifinalist in this tournament. So, what makes German can win the World Cup 2014?
Some experts discussed that German’s success can be caused by so many reasons. We should look back to the beginning of this century. German tried to rebuild their football hierarchy and system. German tried to use younger player so their players have big spirit and big power than older or senior football player. German focuses on youth development too. There are some new policies that manage immigrant players in Germany national player. All immigrant players must follow scientific method when they want to play with this national team. It is so important to give right preparation and also keep the performance of player in the field. This new system really gives influence to the development of football in German.
The next factor that also influences success of German to win world Cup is team discipline. We can compare with some other countries and we can give two thumbs for team discipline of Germany football players. How the journey of Germany to win World Cup 2014? Germany played hard in hardest group too from first round. German won over Portugal with 4-0 in the first round. The great success of German can be seen when German won against Brazil with 7-1. As it is said above, team discipline will give big influence. We can count that only 6 yellow cards that German got. German players never received red card too so it shown that German players known what they must do and what they must followed too. German players shown very well attitude to control their emotions during match. It is not an easy task because all players will have high emotion during the game. Player must stay disciplined too and focus on the game to create goal or at least well. German also always tried to see in detail. They call it as attention to detail. A little thing in the match can be used as gun to win the game or to lose the game too. So keep to pay attention the detail will give some advantages.
The new system to again all competitors is the other important factor that caused German won against Brazil. It was product of several years from the coach. Young player and good commitment to always win the game will make German won the tournament. It was prestigious tournament and German played very well with very well result too. For all of you who want to see how German crates goals and won World Cup, you can search in some websites. You can find some young players from German national football team too.

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