Saturday, July 4, 2015

Interesting Facts to Know of World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014 was over but we still can feel the spirit of World Cup until now. World Cup is one of prestigious football competition that is followed by most of countries in the world who have already passed some tight qualifications too. There are 31 big countries that sent best football players to follow World Cup. There will be some interesting facts in each of World Cup. How about World Cup 2014? World Cup 2014 took place from June 12 to July 13 and it held in 12 cities in Brazil. It was not the first time for Brazil as host of World Cup. It is second time as host of World Cup. The last time being host of World Cup was in 1950. Brazil had high hope to win the tournament but German was the winner of World Cup 2014. There are some interesting facts that we can find in last World Cup.
First fact that we must know is that Brazil had some wonderful arenas with big capacity. Brazil had big arena that can accommodate thousands supporters from Brazil or from other countries. Half of stadiums that used for World Cup 2014 were new, and some other stadiums were refurbished for World Cup 2014. For building new stadiums, Brazil used more than 500 million dollars per arena or stadium. Then we can count how much money that needed to build all of stadiums in Brazil. Brazil used new stadiums as new investments too for their infrastructure.
Second fact, Brazil had star player that famous until today, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior. He was called as most exciting star player that play football beautifully. He used his skill to play and create goals. He has fun and loving character that made him as one of popular talents and star player in World Cup 2014. Neymar got influence from his father and his style of playing is also influenced by his father. Unfortunately, although he was considered as star player from Brazil, he participated in short time before final. The cause of his short participation is because Neymar got bone broken on his back. This pain caused him to sit out and he should not follow the tournament.
It made big influence to Brazil position. Neymar was considered as cause of loss against Germany too. When Neymar couldn’t play the tournament, it was greatest loss for Brazil. Brazil was in dangerous situation in end of the tournament and Brazil should give trophy for Germany because Germany won the tournament. Brazil got worst result because Brazil loss against Germany with result 7-1. How people reacted to World Cup game in Brazil? People enjoy watching the tournament. Millions people watch World Cup 2014 directly in Brazil or they watch in their home. People follow all things in World Cup 2014 from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and some other media. People wrote their comments in some media too to participate in this big and prestigious tournament. We still can find best moments in World Cup 2014 in some sources or internet.

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