Saturday, July 4, 2015

Learn More about History of Premier League

Football match still becomes best entertainment for all men. Men like to watch best match or football tournament. From all football tournaments, most of men like to follow Premier League. It is prestigious league too and for all of you who also fans of this league, you better know and understand the history of this tournament. Actually this league began in 1888. It was old league. For the first time, this league consists of competitions between all football clubs in England and also Wales. As it is said above, because it was began in 1888, it was considered as oldest competition among other football competitions in the world.
Now, Premier League becomes the highest football league in England and the beginning of this new league was in 1992. In 1995, we found more than 70 football clubs in this football league. The football clubs were divided into some divisions such as league one, league two and also championship. Top championship football club will have chance to play in bigger and prestigious competition such as European League or Champion League. William Mc Gregor was Aston Villa’s director that suggested creating league competition that will supply number of fixtures for football club membership. The league competition should be done in each season. This football league then was officially formed and got name at Royal Hotel in Manchester on April 17. There were some regulation for this competition too and all players should follow the regulation.
Today we can find some famous football clubs in Premier League such s Manchester united, Liverpool, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Everton, Chelsea and also Tottenham hotspur. This league was known as FA Premier League for several years before it was changed the name as Premier League only in 2007. It was famous as Premiership too. There are some interesting matches and football clubs that you can find too. You can search photos or some facts about Premier League when you search some websites in the internet. Arsenal won the last season Premier League 2013-2014. As we know Premier League has different stories in each season. Manchester United that was famous with strong power, best players and top score, should become low profile first because Manchester United still performs and shows bad performance so this football club never got high score and win the Premier League too. Arsenal becomes great football club that can survive with high score and this football club usually is in big three Premier League from year to year or season to season.
There are some other facts that you must know about Premier League. You can know why Arsenal can become winner in the last season of Premier League. From Premier league, we also know about transfer history. Cristiano Ronaldo has been selling in 209 to MU and the selling price is 80 Million Euro. It is not small amount but we also know that this player plays so well in Real Madrid and also in MU. You can see the next competition and you can guess who will become the next football club that wins the game.

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