Saturday, July 4, 2015

Review of Arsenal FC, Famous Football Club for Premier League

Arsenal is one of best football clubs in Premier League of English Premier League. British premier league is followed by 20 football teams in each season and this competition will run in 10 months. Actually not all football clubs will follow this competition. There are some football clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, and Aston Villa that usually play this competition. All of teams above usually made regular appearance in each season of Premier league.
From all football clubs that listed above, we can know detail of Arsenal. It is one of best football clubs that always play well and has some best and young football players. Arsenal also has lots of fans from some countries in the world. Arsenal is football club that established in 1886 in London. Until now, Arsenal got more than 10 division titles and league. This football club also got 11 FA cups. It is great achievement for Arsenal. Arsenal is well known as football club that has consistent performance. This football club also is consistent to get point in tournament. In 2003 and 2004 season of Premier League, this football club is success to complete 49 league games without losing the game. It means this football club always wins the game until lost to MU.
When we ask about hard competitor for Arsenal then Arsenal has MU as hardest competitor. MU also has great players and has great strategy to win the game. It is not an easy task to win from MU but today MU is not as good as several years ago. The performance of MU is weak today and it is because the change of coach of MU. There are some other reasons that will cause of bad performance of MU too. There are some new competitors that will become hard competitor for Arsenal such as Chelsea that always plays consistent too today. The other football clubs that have great performance too are Liverpool and also Manchester City. Manchester City is claimed as New shinning football club in Premier league because of great performance and great football players too. How about Arsenal in 2013-2014 Premier League season? Unfortunately, Arsenal should feel better after they are in fourth place after Chelsea, Liverpool and also Manchester City. It is tight competition too and Liverpool plays very well with some new and young players. Although some best players have been gone from Liverpool such as Gerrard and Suarez, new players can make Liverpool survive and gets better score too in the end of competition.
For all of you who are fans of Arsenal, you must know about Arsenal players such as Thomas Vermaelen, Aaron Ramsey, Santi Carzola, Jack, Metsut Ozil, Olivier Giroud and some other names. Arsenal also has best players such as Fabregas that has been moved to other club. We also know about Thierry Henry from France that also plays very well in this football club. Although Arsenal gets bad result in 2013-2014 season, Arsenal still has chance to repair their record in this season.

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