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UEFA Euro 2008 Review

The UEFA European Football Championship of 2008 or commonly well-known for UEFA Euro 2008 or simply called Euro 2008, was football tournament contested by several European nations. The th tournament took place in Switzerland and Austria in which both countries hold the tournament for the first time. The tournament was from June 7th 2008 to June 29th 2008. The tournament was won by Spain after defeating Germany with 1-0 wins on the final leg. Spain was the first team to win the tournament undefeated.
Greece was the worst team to be involved in the tournament since they didn’t gain any points within the group fixtures. The participating nations were totaled 77 goals through 33 matches. Switzerland and Austria automatically qualified as the host and the remaining fourteen teams were determined throughout qualification matches, which started on August 2006. As the champion, Spain then had right to compete in the 2009 FIFA Confederation Cup that would be held in South Africa.
The process of bid
Switzerland and Austria jointly bid to host the 2008 of UEA Euro and faced major competitors like Scotland and Republic of Ireland, Greece and Turkey, Russia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and 4-way bids from Sweden/Denmark/Finland/Norway. Austria actually had previously bid for the 2004 of Euro with Hungary, but they finally lost to Portugal. Greece and Turkey, Austria and Switzerland, and Hungary were suggested before having the final vote. Since Greece and Turkey were discarded, Hungary and the couple of Austria and Switzerland fought to win.
Switzerland and Austria bid is the second successful joint bid in the Euro’s history, following the couple of the Netherlands and Belgium which hosts the UEFA Euro 2000. The following tournament then would be held in Ukraine and Poland, making it the third jointly hosted the Euro tournament.
The venues
The football tournament was played as totaled eight venues in two host nations, four in Switzerland and four in Austria. Each stadium has capacity more than 30,000 spectators. The largest stadium was in Vienna, Austria Ernst-Happel-Stadion which has 53,294 spectators capacity. That’s why the stadium then used to hold the final match. Switzerland played all the group stages at Saint Jakob Park stadium in Basel, which also hosted the tournament opening match as the final would be held in Vienna, Austria.
The Zurich stadium became the organizer’s problems in 2004. Initially, the Hardtum stadium was going to be renovated and would be used for the city’s venue, but some lawful challenges postponed the plan. It made a problem, since the agreement between UEFA and the organizers predetermined that four venues would be used in every one country. The problem then was solved as the organizer proposed to renovate Letzigrund stadium which hosted its first football tournament in 2007.
Match summary
The qualification of 2008 Euro was started in August 2006. The tournaments of qualification were contested by national teams from each UEFA countries members with the exclusion of Switzerland and Austria who had mechanically qualified for the tournament as the hosts.
The tournament draw was held on December 2nd 2007 and made the group C as the death group, with France, Italy, The Netherlands and Romania competition for the places of qualifying. On the contrary, Portugal and Germany had an easy draw, since they did not meet France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands until the final.

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